Veritas Makine Eğitim Danışmanlık Co. Ltd. started its commercial activities in 2016 and carried out national and institutional works in the fields of dealership, service and distributorship services of various brands, cleaning, filtration of industrial oils, industrial design and R&D. After 2019, we started to produce various items such as emulsion maintenance device, oil skimmer and oil mist filter, bringing innovative solutions to the industry in the field of industrial oil filtration. Our company continues its production activities with 100% domestic capital and subsidiaries today. Continuous improvement of our product portfolio, being sensitive to the environment and nature, providing unconditional customer satisfaction, doing solution-oriented studies, being open to innovations with honesty and lifelong learning philosophy are the most important values of our company. Our company continues its activities in order to provide better quality service to our customers within the framework of these values.


With the wish to work together,

Oguzhan Hizlan / General Manager